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Undeniably the fastest growing populated social media platform here on Earth is Instagram. Even if you don’t utilize it to market your business, were pretty sure you at least have an idea of what’s it about – as most people do. Should you decide to market your brand using Instagram to a whole bunch of people on the internet world, you can actually do such without spending a dime.

How Does Instagram Work?

Fast facts:

  • It has about 200 million registered active user sign up per month from all countries all over the world.
  • Registered users have profiles. Though users are given the choice on how much personal information they disclose on their profiles
  • Users are considered “friends”, provided that they approve your “friend requests”.
  • Friends become updated with statuses, pictures, locations, messages, and website links – basically everything a person is up to.
  • Instagram friends can communicate publicly (wall) or privately (messages).
  • How Do You Create An Individual Profile As Business Owner On Instagram?
  • Create your own profile on Instagram. Interact with existing and potential customers and update followers.
  • Gauge your relationship – able to send someone an email? Then you’re most likely confortable in sending him/her a Instagram message.
  • Make sure you have an interesting, yet decent profile suited for your business. People drawn to your personal qualities will also be interested in your brand.
  • Consider your Instagram profile a CV for potential clients to look into.
  • Choose a nice picture to post as your Instagram profile picture.
  • Keep descriptive texts and labels short and concise.
  • Keep your posts/updates regular and consistent.
  • Add links to your websites in your posts.
  • Subtle ideas of your business/brands can be included.
  • Your interests and like that are related to your enterprise can be shared on your profile.

How to Use Friends on Instagram as Marketers?

  • Send messages about your brand’s promotions, updates, etc. only up to once every month, to avoid being too pushy and annoying.
  • Politely ask favors from them to spread good feedback about your business if they are clearly fond of it.
  • Friends of friends and the ‘people you may know’ tool is a great way of reaching out to prospect clients/customers.
  • Event pages are great ways to announce and invite customers to come to launches, events and special occasions.
  • How to Create a Instagram Group to Help In Your Brand Marketing?
  • update the people in the group of your business’ updates
  • Consider the pros and cons of Instagram group creation and maintenance in terms of the benefits your business will get from it.
  • Do you require creating an online presence or you would rather invest on building good client following based on personal interactions?
  • If you decide to create a group, avoid being a nuisance by sending spam messages.

Establish your presence by joining groups that have members that will most likely be interested in your products as well. Be active in these groups while gradually hinting them of the greatness of your products/services.

How to Create a Instagram Fan Page?

Created for individuals, celebrities, TV/movie personalities, actors, and many more.

Almost same as Instagram group. You might be thinking buy followers Instagram can be hectic

and might take time. however, in contrast to this fan page are very helpful. you can promote your product on the page and see your organization achieving popularity.

Lesser benefits given to product types of business.

For all that there is on Instagram, we must keep in mind that most people are using Instagram for personal use, thus, it is best that we take advantage of this chance to get to the market we want simply by making use of its wonderful features and services for the benefit of our brand or business. After all, why can’t we make use of technology if it’s what is the real thing right now? But what about Google Plus ?

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