Know About The Excellent Advantages Of Castor Oil For The Growth Of Eyelashes!

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All women and girls desire to have naturally thick and long eyelashes to look great. Not every time, girls want to use mascara to make their eyelashes look dark and long. But what is the solution of naturally growing long eyelashes is the question that comes in mind of every woman with thin eyelashes? The only big answer to this question is Castor Oil. Yes, you might be wondering what simple oil can do, but castor oil is considered as a miracle ingredient that can naturally improve the hair growth. It can help you achieve unbelievably long and thick lashes and even bolder brows. 

Do you really know what castor oil is? Castor oil is extracted from a plant named Ricinus communis, and it is also known as a castor oil plant. The castor seeds or beans are pressed into yellow versatile vegetable oil that has a great smell and flavor. It is quite a trendy, and budget-friendly beauty buy. It provides many moisturizing benefits as well. The castor oil works as smoothing flaky skin and works on making it softer. It also helps in growing hair as it acts as a lubricant and improves the hair’s shine and strength. 

Here, in this article, we will understand how to apply the castor oil on your eyelashes step-by-step:

  • Remove all the cosmetics applied on your face by washing your face with a cleanser. 
  • Now, take an eyeliner brush and apply castor oil on eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • Do not dip the brush completely as it must not exceed the brush. 
  • Apply it carefully and leave the oil overnight.
  • Leaving the oil overnight work faster as it stays on eyelashes for a longer time and can provide you with the desired results.
  • You can remove the oil the next morning, either with a makeup remover or by washing your face and wiping it with a dry cloth. 

Now, let us move forward to know the benefits of castor oil for hair growth. 

Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Castor oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties in it, but besides these properties, it also has some advantageous nutrients like minerals, proteins, and some fatty acids that include linoleic, oleic, palmitic, stearic, and palmitic ricinoleic acids. It also has some natural compounds that are helpful in hair growth. 

Rich in Ricinoleic Acid

Castor oil has high levels of ricinoleic acid, and an essential fatty acid omega-9 is, which helps in stimulating lash growth and thickens eyelashes. 

Contains Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an influential antioxidant that works as a conditioner and conditions the eyelashes and keeps them protected. Vitamin E is quite helpful in repairing hair follicles damage, and no damages lead to hair growth. 

Castor Oil improves the growth of eyelashes.

Most women suffer this problem of breakage of eyelashes after reaching a specific age, and this causes the loss of eyelashes. At that specific age, eyelashes tend to grow on their own and then shed off. The reason behind their break up is that the tissues of the eyes are getting less nutrition, makes eye tissues weak, making them shed off. If the eyelash follicles don’t get the proper nutrition, they will fall easily. 

Castor oil works by hydrating eyelashes’ base cells and providing the proper and enough nutrition for their growth. It prevents the falling of eyelashes and thus providing nutrition to eye follicles for the growth of eyelashes. 

Castor oil is inexpensive.

Today’s generation spends a lot of money on their beauty products buying branded cleansers and essential oils for their eyebrows. Those products claim to provide better results and charge the customer a lot in return. Those products may show results, but that is temporary and provides effect for a short period of time. Eyelash curlers and mascaras are artificial products that can enhance the look of your eyelashes. 

These products may seem attractive at a point of time, but genuinely these won’t provide your long period results and are artificial as well. To grow your brows and eyelashes naturally, better use castor oil. It is an inexpensive and natural oil that can provide you permanent results and enhance your eyelashes’ beauty. 

Other than boosting the growth of eyelashes, Castor oil also provides many other benefits to the body.

What are the best benefits of Castor Oil for Skincare Routine?

Castor oil contains fatty acid that helps nurture and moisturize the skin and almost every part of the body. Let us know some benefits that castor oil can provide by adding to skincare routine:

Shiny and healthy hair

Applying Castor oil onto the ends of the hair for two to three times a week can prevent breakage and helps in boosting hair growth. This will make your hair healthy by providing proper nutrients and will also make hair shine.

Moisturise rough skin

Moisturiser is the first thing that can maintain your skin. After moisturizer rubbing castor oil on your elbows, dry patches, knees, hands can seal them in moisture. This will moisturize the rough skin and will prevent roughness. 

Condition cuticles

Castor oil works great for manicure and pedicure too. To provide proper nutrients and nourishment to your nails, apply castor oil by dabbing it on cotton and applying on cuticles. 

Organic castor oil can help to naturally grow eyelashes and eyebrows and provide many other skincare routine benefits.

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