Ragnarok Philippines – Beginner’s Guide

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You might have heard about Ragnarok’s game based on different aspects and cartoons that help people grab the best gaming experience. There are some people who don’t know much about this game, due to which they face troubles in dealing with it. Once you learn about ragnarok philippines, it will help you grab the best experiences with no risks involved. It is a must for all the players to know about the game they are going to play to deal with multiple situations easily. 

The people who don’t know much about the game must grab some basic details about it as it is one of the most famous and interesting games that everyone wants to experience once. This game has multiple servers and versions for different countries that help them have simple and disturbance-free gameplay. Once you get to know about Ragnarok, it will help you learn about the best aspects of the game and help you get the best experience. 

Try to stay focused and consider the below details to help you know about the best game with proper guidance. It will also help you to learn about those aspects of the game which you might not have heard before so try to be focused. 

Intro of Ragnarok 

When you install this game, you don’t need to instantly log into it, as it can create some trouble for you. Try to have some patients after installing Ragnarok so that you can experience the best gameplays and get the best result. Make sure that you will wait for some time before logging into the game to not face any trouble while playing. 

Important Rules and Regulations  

  • Hacking or any other fraudulent activity is banned so that players can experience the best gameplay.
  • Botting in the game is forbidden for all the servers; in fact, it is banned. 
  • Try not to harass other people’s beliefs and religion.
  • Ensure that you respect other players and respect them as all the players seem to look real in the game. 
  • Try to act normal as there are some people who try to act big but make sure that you will play normally. 
  • Try not to use a private server as it is illegal and if you do so, then make sure that it will lead you to suffer a bad time with some major punishments. 

Basic Hotkeys 

  • Inventory – Alt + E
  • Skill Tree – Alt + S
  • To Open Your Status Menu – Alt + V
  • Stats Point Allocation – Alt + A
  • Equipment – Alt + Q
  • Hotkeys for Skill – F1 to F9
  • Option – Alt + O
  • Emotion Menu!! – Alt + M 
  • Opens Hotkeys for Skill – F12
  • Open a Chat Room – Alt + C
  • To Sit or Stand – Insert 


  • /noctrl – Helps you to attack continuously without pressing Ctrl
  • /organise – Helps to create a party which needs certain levels to do so
  • /NC – Helps to attack continuously 
  • /where – Helps you to see the map for proper coordination 
  • /ns – Helps you to cure undead without pressing Shift
  • /help – Helps to open a list command that helps you to get some help to deal with your enemies
  • /noshift – Helps to cure undead without pressing Shift, basically used to heal undead players
  • /leave – It helps you to leave a party 

Basic Commands 

  • /swt – A sweat drop, used commonly to deal with your sweat
  • /ho – A symbol of melody emotion 
  • /an – It helps to show an angry emotion
  • /heh – Helps to show laughing emotion
  • /pif – It helps you to do something unique when you get irritated 
  • /e1 to /e18 – Helps to show a new type of emotions 
  • /kis – Helps you to kiss with heart
  • /kis2 – It leads you to kiss without heart 
  • /lv – A heart awww… cute 

Final Verdict 

After considering the above info, you can get to know about a brief description of the game and will also help you to learn about the game well. Once you understand the various aspects of the game, then it will help you get the best results with great outcomes. Try to stay focused on the above details so that you can have a better understanding of all the above details.  

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